Sunday Religious Studies – Aleph (Grades K&1), Bet (Grades 2&3), Gimel (Grades 4&5)

ShabbatCandlesbyBetClassThe Religious School is committed to instilling a positive attitude toward being Jewish.  It is the goal of our school to help children and their families:

  • Appreciate the value of Jewish Education through participation in Jewish learning at home, school, Temple, and in the community.
  • Become familiar with the major sources of Jewish beliefs, traditions, and practices and their relevancy to contemporary times.
  • Have an informed sense of the special relationship of God to our people as a whole, and how and why Jews individually believe in God as a sustaining force in our lives.
  • Understand the role of Judaism in world history and develop pride in Jewish accomplishments in history.
  • Recognize the role of Israel in the development of Judaism, and develop an emotional bond to the people and land of Israel.
  • Learn skills to participate in Reform Worship service and find meaning in prayer through comprehension.
  • Become familiar with the meaning of prayer through comprehension and recitation.
  • Understand and experience fulfillment as human beings and as Jews.  Make the Temple a place to feel spiritual and welcome.

Sunday classes meet from  9am-12:00noon. Our school-wide Boker Tov service takes place on Sundays from 11 or 11:30am-12:00 noon, depending on the program.  Boker Tov services are considered part of the Sunday School experience and all students are required to attend. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your children and reinforce their Jewish studies and identity.