Middle School – Grades 6-8

The middle school years can be tough, and hard to maintain your true inner self. Having friends that share your values, with whom you can talk about issues can be so important for these vulnerable souls. Our goal for these students is to immerse them as a cohesive learning team, in the concepts of Tzedakah, and Tikkun Olam, throughout history and all around them today. Teaching our students how and why it has always been imperative for us to care for the less fortunate, feed the hungry, and provide for our own future is our responsibility. Finding opportunities to make this world a better place than we found it is our obligation.  These students will be guided through hands-on experiences and reading materials on how Jewish values and ethics impact their lives.  They will be expected to introspect, reflect, discuss, and debate strategies for valuing diversity among their peers, and dealing with bigotry or hatred towards anyone; not just themselves. They will develop confidence to stand up for who they are and what they believe is right, when faced with peer pressure to do otherwise.