Congregation Beth Yam began with a few families who met for services and holidays. The congregation, founded in 1981, is now a second home to 300 families and continues growing. It welcomes Jewish people of diverse identities as well as inter-faith couples (please see our Outreach page). We completed a major renovation of our building in 2009, providing us with a beautiful facility which can accommodate large and small services, programs and parties, and learning for all ages. We are a member of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).

Members consider Congregation Beth Yam the focal point of the Lowcountry’s Jewish community. Social events include festive activities such as dinners, theater parties, and concerts. The social hall and premier kitchen provide the ideal facility for synagogue and community social events. Our children enjoy their playground, decorating the sukkah, and joining the adults for holiday celebrations like Purim and Pesach. Our Sisterhood sponsors the weekly Oneg Shabbats and organizes fundraising, philanthropic, and social activities that benefit the Congregation, Jewish, and community causes. The Men’s Club offers educational programs, hosts social gatherings, and sponsors activities to support the synagogue and community. The synagogue features a complete, well-stocked Judaica gift shop.


Congregation Beth Yam has three categories of membership.  There are Resident Household memberships for families who reside in the Hilton Head area for more than six months of the year; Resident Single memberships for individuals who reside in the Hilton Head area for more than six months of the year; and Affiliate memberships for those who visit the island frequently and have decided to respond to a personal obligation to support Congregation Beth Yam. There is a basic dues schedule for each category, which is included in our Membership Application package.

Reduced Dues Program for New Members. Under this program for resident membership, the amount of annual dues for the first year of membership (12 months) is at the option of the new member starting at a low minimal payment. We also have a reduced levels of dues for members 35 years of age and below. We encourage people interested in our congregation to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of full membership for a contribution amount of their choice. This is a great opportunity to get involved in congregational life, make friends, get to know Rabbi Bloom, and feel the warmth of welcome we offer to all. The Voluntary Dues Program is open to all new members, singles and families, full time residents as well as affiliates.

We also have a confidential and voluntary “Friends of Beth Yam” program as part of our financial structure. Because dues only cover about 65 percent of our operating budget, we count on our “Friends” who can afford to help bridge the gap, and reduce the cost burden on those less fortunate.  “Friends” replaces other major fund raising typical at many synagogues, such as an annual Kol Nidre appeal.  An initial Capital Reserve Fund pledge is required with payment to begin during the second year of membership and spread over a five-year period. The Capital Reserve Fund covers the cost of renewal of facilities components as needed, e.g., major repainting, roof repair, air conditioning system replacement, upgrading of data processing equipment.

No potential member will ever be rejected because of financial limitations.  Related issues can be discussed in a completely confidential manner with our Treasurer.

To find out more about memberships or be placed on our mailing list, click here, or call the office at 843-689-2178. We look forward to hearing from you.

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