Gesher, Pre B’nai Mitzvah

Gesher StudentsAs students begin their journey toward becoming a B’Nai Mitzvah they will participate in this very special class which will address some of their responsibilities in reaching this milestone in their lives.The class ensures that all students understand the order of service for Shabbat, and have become proficient in reading and chanting in the assigned segments of the service. In addition, there are discussion classes focused on Tikkon Olum, their B’nai Mitzvah projects, and what to expect as future leaders in the Jewish Community. 

Gesher students are usually assigned private tutors to work with them separately, at mutually convenient times and locations, to prepare their individually Torah, and Haftorah readings. 

This class meets on the two alternate Sundays per month when the Middle School class does not meet. Once a student has become proficient in leading the Shabbat Service and they are on track for their Mitzvah project, attendance in this class may become optional, such that they may spend more time with their tutor working on Torah. As their date draws near, these students will meet with the Rabbi to discuss and prepare a D’var Torah essay related to their Torah or Haftorah portion. Parents will also meet with the Rabbi at least 4 times over the year. Gesher students are also required to attend and lead portions of the traditional Friday Night Shabbat Service at least 4 times in the weeks prior to their big event.