Like so many congregations our size, committees are the glue and the fire that keep us lively and functioning. The Board may be responsible for the heavy lifting—making policy, personnel management, resource and fiscal management; the committees are the muscle and brains that generate so much of the ideas and the energy that makes us who we are.

A lot of us are involved. It is a way to contribute, to be part of our community, to be social and to do positive things. The thought is, if you give a lot of your time and energy, the reward is in the satisfaction you get when the job is done.

If you are already working on one or more committees, you have realized the satisfaction of doing and of working with other members of our CBY family. If you haven’t thought about this before, please take a look at the many things we do and consider joining a committee—or maybe several committees. Those who are involved know that what they do is indeed, “for the sake of Heaven.” We are a community, a family of friends and colleagues and we are so much of what makes CBY a warm and welcoming place. If you are interested in participating, please contact the committee chair.

We have two types of committees: standing and other temporary committees established by the Board or president for the operation of the congregation. Standing committees are noted by an asterisk (*). For a detailed description of all our committees, click here.



Administration Renee Roth
Adult Education* Walter Margeson
Arts and Acquisition Maury Fradkin
Calendar Helen Hauer
Capital Sub-Committee Jack Resnick
Care* Maury Fradkin
Kathy Burnce
Cemetery Felicia Roth
Communications Howard Rothchild
Endowment Trustees Ted David
Executive* Candy Solomon
Finance* Doug Luba
Friends of Congregation Beth Yam Phyllis Napoli, Lorna Bonner
Fund Raising* Gene Meyers
Governance Task Force Ed Fine
House* Dave Solomon
Insurance David Katz
Legal Mike Mogil
Life Cycle Events Coordinator
Long Range Planning Ed Fine
Lowcountry Film Festival Linda Bloom
Membership* Robin Katz, Pat Levitt
Music Administration* Alan Krumholz
Nominating* Candy Solomon
Outreach TBD
Religious School* Courtney Kaye
Resources Kim Shapiro, Robin Katz
Ritual* Janet Kelley
Social Action* Barbara Meyer
Security Walt Margeson
Technical Infrastructure Garrett Keyes
Tidings Sheila Margeson
Website Diane Butcaris
Youth Chapelyn Terodemos

Affiliate Organizations


Men’s Club Jeff Shapiro
Sisterhood Robin Krumholz